The magic of dusk 2015

Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera / Món Sant Benet


Món Sant Benet

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An original, sensitive visit of Sant Benet with Júlia Peraire, the muse of Ramon Casas, as the leit motif

Grup Transversal has added new museographic elements to “The magic of dusk”, the cycle of visits held every summer at Món Sant Benet. The fascinating personality of Júlia Peraire, the model, lover and wife during the later years of the painter Ramon Casas, is once again the leit motif for this tour.

With her voice and experiences, Ramon Casas's muse is again the guide for a route entitled “Júlia's monastery”, this year accompanied by new inspiring museographic elements. The route, which combines interiors and exteriors at the monastery, allows visitors to discover places that are not open to the public the rest of the year.

The proposal, created and managed by Transversal, is complemented by a stroll through the vegetable gardens of Sant Benet and an al fresco dinner, and has now earned a special place on Catalonia's cultural calendar for the summer.