Management based on involvement and commitment

Complete management: 360° capacity

Managing all the areas that contribute towards a project's success:

  • Creating products: educational activities, tourism products, experiences, events...
  • Managing operations: attending to the public, guides, activities, bookings and administration...
  • Marketing products.
  • Strategies to boost positioning and awareness.

Marketing, the key to success

  • A commitment to attracting visitors is one of the key aspects for any of the projects we handle.
  • Our management approach is aimed at achieving results, both in terms of people and money.
  • The know-how we've acquired over many years of experience means that we're one of the companies with the greatest knowledge of the cultural tourism sector. 
  • Success in managing relevant resources and our continual work in the industry means we have a lot of information on local and international markets; fundamental support for commercial strategies.

Specialists in creating products

  • Together with the rest of the areas at Grup Transversal, we combine creativity to generate distinctive, differentiating products but with a practical approach, always bearing in the mind the management and marketing of these proposals.
  • The aim of every new proposal is quality and excellence in all the services and products we design, as well as ensuring it connects with the public.
  • Extensive experience in designing all kinds of proposals: educational services, family activities, one-off events, seasonal experiences...

Our value are people

  • People come at the top of Transversal's scale of values.
  • We pay a fair, appropriate wage to everyone who works on the projects we handle.
  • Participatory governance style based on involvement, commitment and dedication.
  • We aim to consolidate teams, especially in the key positions that help projects to grow and succeed.