Temporary exhibition on Manual Bell Ringing in Albaida

Association of Bellringers of Albaida
Travelling exhibition
  • Toc Manual de Campanes a Albaida 1

An exhibition to continue supporting and disseminating the candidacy of manual bell ringing as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage

After making a documentary for the application to UNESCO of manual bell ringing as Intangible Cultural Heritage, this year the Association of Bellringers of Albaida has commissioned Grup Transversal to produce a travelling exhibition to disseminate and promote its submission.

Using large die-cut elements with shapes alluding to the world of bells, visitors take a journey back through time to discover the age-old history of the art of manual bell ringing, the diversity of bell ringing styles and the types of bells and bell towers that exist both in Spain and in the rest of the world. The exhibition also focuses on the present, as a small tribute to those people who are still keeping this tradition alive today.

The exhibition was inaugurated on 18 September 2022 in the town of Albaida on the occasion of the visit to MitMac (International Museum of Manual Bell Ringing) by the Spanish ambassador to UNESCO. Over the next few months it will travel around all the towns and cities that support and have joined the submission to UNESCO.