Guitar Legends Hall

Guitar Legends Hall
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An immersive journey through the history of rock

Guitar Legends Hall, the Immersive Rock Museum, provides an exciting journey through the history of rock by means of a superb collection of electric guitars, assembled by Juan José Castellanos, which are now seeing the light of day for the very first time.
The collection tells the story of rock, from the earliest blues to the latest sounds, and they've been played by the most renowned guitarists from the greatest bands of all times. Visitors can also immerse themselves in various scenarios to experience different moments in the evolution of rock, whilst listening to dozens of pieces of music. The spaces have all been designed to create incredibly exciting immersive moments as well as fascinating interactive displays where visitors can connect with the music: ‘virtually’ activating jukeboxes by placing the audio guide close to records in a music store and connecting with screens where they can enjoy the best music videos. Finally, in a totally immersive space that includes holograms and other spectacular resources, visitors can experience the ultimate in concerts, reliving the most stellar moments of rock and electric guitars.