Barcelona City Council
Fab de la Casa del Mig, parc de l’Espanya Industrial, Barcelona
  • Fab-Casa del Mig 1
  • Fab-Casa del Mig 2

An exhibition and game to pay a small tribute to the factory formerly located in the Espanya Industrial park

Fab-Casa del Mig is a public facility run by Barcelona City Council, located in the Espanya Industrial park in the district of Sants-Montjuïc. Its mission is to promote the world of multimedia, robotics and digital production. In 2022, the aim has been to recondition a small area of the building to raise awareness of the history of the factory that used to be on the same site.
Grup Transversal has been commissioned to conceptualise this small exhibition space, recreating a setting with looms and explaining the chronology of the factory, known in its day as Vapor Nou, as well as audiovisuals containing historical archive images.

A gamified resource has also been created that allows visitors to discover how the different parts of the old factory were used and to learn about what life was like for the working class. This was designed with the participation of the local residents, involving workshops in the district's schools. Open source 3D creation applications such as Coespaces were used to develop the game.