A thousand years of history of a monastery

Món Sant Benet

Emotional, sensorial journey through the thousand years of history of the monastery of Sant Benet and Catalonia

Fundació Catalunya - La Pedrera


Sant Benet de Bages, Sant Fruitós de Bages

The museographic project for Món Sant Benet consists of two different exhibitions, in the medieval and moderniste spaces.

The medieval museographic project, called "A thousand years of history of a monastery", occupies the area of the church, cloister, old kitchen and refectory, the stores, cellar and rooms of Can Codina, with a net area of 1,300 m2. The visit explains the history of the monastery throughout the centuries when it functioned as such, from the time it was founded in the 10th century until it was disentailed in 1835, which led to the end of monarchic activity and the monastery being abandoned.

This journey, which therefore goes from the Middle Ages to the baroque period, is led by the last abbot of the monastery, Bernat Garrich, appearing in various audiovisuals, starting with the most spectacular where we can see the church and introducing a journey through the history of the monastery and, at the same time, the history of Catalonia.

Visitors immerse themselves in evocative ambiences combining the direct projection of audiovisuals in museographic spaces with sound, music and lighting all creating a captivating multi-sensorial experience. A return to the origins of Catalonia's history in which visitors experience sensations, stimuli and emotions that completely transport them in time.

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